The following list of resources are provided to offer examples of wedding ceremonies you may consider for same gender marriages. Whenever possible, we have revised the language of documents so that inclusive language is present, paying attention to how the couple is addressed and addresses one another, as well as references to God or Jesus that use gender, patriarchal, or royal identifying language. (See Jim Rigby’s video on worshipful language.)

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Where available, the documents are offered in both .pdf and Word format.

Outlines of Marriage Ceremonies:

  1. Considerations for Covenantal Rites: Compiled by That All May Freely Serve. Includes a modified adaptation of the Episcopal Church’s A Rite for the Celebration and Blessing of Holy Unions AND an adaptation of Outline for the Rite of Christian Marriage – Part I from the Book of Common Worship (PCUSA).
    Considerations – .pdf Format          Considerations – Word Format.
  2. Service of Worship for Uniting in Marriage, From Macedonia Service, written in Old Church Slavonic as translated by John Boswell, and Adapted by Rev. Don Stroud
    Macedonia Service – .pdf Format          Macedonia Service – Word Format

  3. Wedding Service by Rev. Marvin Ellison:
    “…today we are gathered here to do a good thing, a very good thing: [Name and Name] are renewing their vows of promise and commitment in celebration of their more than four decades together as a couple united in love. And because of the recent change in Maine law, they will also become a civilly married couple…”
    Marvin Ellison – .pdf Format          Marvin Ellison – Word Format   …”

  4. Universal Rite of Christian Marriage: Compiled Rev. Dwain Lee. This doucment pulls from a number of different original sources. The two primary sources are PCUSA and United Church of Canada, but there are other sources, too – even including an optional prayer that John Boswell’s research turned up in numerous same-sex (and opposite-sex) union liturgies from the Middle Ages.
    Universal Rite – .pdf Format          Universal Rite – Word Format  
  5. United Church Collection of Ceremonies: Provided by Mardee Rightmyer.
    United Church in .pdf Format          United Church in Word Format

More resources within the Presbyterian Church (USA):
The following links have a variety of resources available to assist those planning a covenantal ceremony and those planing to officiate at such celebrations:
Covenant Network of Presbyterians
More Light Presbyterians

 Guidelines, Policies and Procedures within the PC(USA) and other faith communities: Examples of policies, guidelines and ceremonies regarding marriage
  1. First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California – Link
  2. Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas – Link
  3. ADL Ministries: Examples of Holy Unions – Link
  4. Episcopal Church; Dignity USA: Couples Resource Guide – Link
  5. Episcopal Church: The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant
    (I Will Bless You) – Link
  6. Episcopal Church: Guidelines for Solemnization of Holy Unions – Link
  7. MCC Church Edmonton – Link
  8. Oasis Resources – Link
  9. Tufts University: Weddings and Holy Unions at Tufts University – Link
  10. United Church of Christ: Order for Marriage, An Inclusive Ceremony – Link
  11. Uniting Church in Australia – Sacred Union Ceremony – Link
  12. UU Same Sex Wedding Guide – Link