Rejecting Nashville Statement

Press Release: September 1, 2017
“Spahr Reconciliation Project Affirms Inclusive Loving Community;
Rejects Nashville Statement.”
SAN FRANCISCO, CA: — The Jane Adams Spahr Reconciliation Project affirms the beautiful sacred diversity of all God’s creation, proclaiming and celebrating that we are all children of God, wholly loved and cherished by our Creator.
As a council of spiritual leaders whose stated goal is the creation of healthy, thriving authentic communities of faith, we reject the Nashville Statement issued by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood on August 30, 2017. Further, we reject any other statements or “manifestos” that teach anything other than full welcoming and inclusion of our Queer family in all faith communities and societies, both locally and internationally.
The Jane Adams Spahr Reconciliation Project continues its work in opening the hearts and minds of faith communities toward our LGBTQ Community, welcoming fully those who have been silenced or excluded as members and leaders. We are steadfast in this ministry and outreach; we stand without compromise or apology; and we do not cower before erroneous and hurtful statements or practices meant to marginalize our God-given human family.
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That All May Freely Serve serves on the board of The Jane Adams Spahr Reconciliation Project and strongly affirms this statement.

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“Rolling the Stone Away: Generations of Love & Justice”
October 31 – November 2 at Marriott St. Louis Airport.

This conference will bring together an exciting multi-denominational cross-section of early and later leaders of LGBTQAI movements that have changed and continue to impact our lives together and our society-at-large. With “glistening and engaging” presentations and workshops, ample time to listen to our stories and opportunities for individual conversations with these folks, “Rolling the Stone Away” Generations of Love & Justice” will be a foundational gathering for our collaborative work together for decades to come.

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This is a once in a lifetime gathering, which has not be done before our lifetimes, either! 🙂

Hope to see you there! Please contact me if you have any questions…

Here are some of the invited guests who will participate in the conference and be available for individual conversations throughout the course of the event. Click on the link below their name to read their bio on See you in St. Louis!



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