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That All May Freely Serve
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Rev. Ray Bagnuolo, Chaplain/Minister Director
Rev. Dr. Jane Adams Spahr, Consulting Evangelist
Marie Gibson, Chaplain for Giving

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Ministries of Love, Hope, Justice & Presence

Our Mission

That All May Freely Serve is a validated ministry of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley, committed to sharing the Good News God’s love in the ways we may.

IN OUR MORE THAN 25 YEARS of loving and serving our community, we have met each challenge with the help of others and the cloud of witnesses that surround us all. We continue to welcome your prayers and support.

Since 1992, our ministry has led in national and local justice work and advocacy for our Queer family. Today, this includes our role as “deacons and chaplains” to those who frequently request help, whether in nursing homes, facing the challenges of aging, and assistance in times of transitions and loss. With each day, more of our friends who have sacrificed on this journey are in need our help. We invite you to help us and to keep us informed of how we may be there for you and others.

You are aways a part of this ministry and in our prayers. we welcome your hope.

Rev. Dr. jane Adams Spahr

Knowing  Janie, you will not be surprised to hear that the Rev. Dr. Jane Adams Spahr remains vibrant and active as a lifelong minister, leader and mentor in so many ways.

When Janie is not with her family and grandchildren, you will find her doing what she has always done: loving with and speaking for those whose love has been questioned or voices attempted to be silenced. We are grateful that Janie has always generously been ready to collaborate with TAMFS as a friend, founding director and now paid consultant, as TAMFS continues to support these ministries she oversees.

Along with our work as described in the previous panel, TAMFS partners with Janie in exciting and emerging ministries. The following describes some of the outreach programs that we support.

TransHeartline: Planning began in November of 2017. Begun with a dream of Jordan Decker to open a house where transgender folks wanting surgery could come to recover in a loving and supportive home, it is now successfully operating as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization on the seminary campus in San Anselmo. Janie’s generous heart, tireless spirit and  vast experience embraced Jordan and his dream and his own indefatigable energy and determination.

TAMFS and TransHeartline agreed to work together as mission partners, under the direction of Jordan and Janie. TAMFS, with the generosity of Downtown United Presbyterian Church in Rochester, creates an accounting system that made it possible to accept donations for TransHeartline months before its 501(c)3 had been approved, making it possible for its growing ministry to begin months ahead of schedule.

Please take a moment to learn more about TransHeartline at www.transheartline.org

Center for Innovation in Ministry and the Spahr Initiative (Applied Wisdom Institute) Janie continues to bring her message of justice and love and hope through the educational forums and online programs, pioneered in this area as part of the Spahr Initiative at San Francisco Theological Seminary. While changes are afoot with Redlands University having recently acquired the seminary, campus, the work of travel and education greater reach of the message continues for Janie. Her outreach is supported as part of the TAMFS outreach ministries.

The Spahr Center, the LGBTQAI+ Center in Marin Country in California is thriving once again, thanks for many and Janie for helping to revitalize this organization just north of San Francisco. With the new leadership of Dana Van Gorder, The Center is thriving. As Janie says, “I have been honored to worship beside him in this transition. Dana believes and lives into shared leadership and partnership.”

And so do we. And these are just a sample of the ways TAMFS continues to be part of a mission and innovation that helps to meet the need of these times, while gratefully remembering all those who have brought us here, like you.

That All May Freely Serve

Paradigms for New Ministries Together

We are all volunteers, with the exception of Rev. Dr. Jane Adams Spahr, Consultant.

Our appreciation to Our Friends

The Presbytery of Genesee Valley
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Marie Gibson, Chaplain for Giving

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