That All May Freely Serve

A once in a lifetime opportunity is coming October 31-November 2, 2017, in St. Louis. Prophets young and old will tell the stories of our history and explore our future at Rolling The Stone Away. This is going to fill up fast!

That All May Freely Serve has been on the planning team for this event and look forward to being with as many of you as possible who can join this gathering. We are considering a small “reunion” during the time of the conference for TAMFS’ family and friends. More on that as we see who is able to attend.

So…. Don’t just put it on your calendar, go register now!

Check out the luminaries who will be there:

Rolling The Stone Away will honor elders, saints and prophets from all generations and mark the ground-breaking achievements, relentless commitments, and often painful sacrifices these leaders have made in religious organizations over the past five decades The next generations will be in the house and will shine a light on what comes next.

“Were you in St. Louis in 2017?” You want to be able to say, YES! I WAS THERE!

Please Register now.

All are welcome here. All. In agreement or not, skepticism or not, ease or dis-ease, “Welcome!” We hope to hear from:   @tamfs   Need to call or text: 631-827-8611