Heart & Soul Series

 Heart & Soul
A PRIDE MONTH Series from That All May Freely Serve
Filmed at Rock Stars and Prophets: Generations of Justice and Love
Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY & in April 2015
Produced by Stony Point Center & Warren Cooper
Today, our PRIDE Month Series closes with a few words from Mark Palermo, who we lost on August 10, 2015 – just a few months after we gathered. He was 62 years old and as kind and gentle of a man as one might meet. Mark is still missed… as is another saint who has left us, Judith Foster.

I want to thank everyone for taking time this last month to view interviews of our Rock Stars and Prophets who have and continue to be a part of the work and legacy of full inclusion for LGBTQ+ folks in the PCUSA and with all those we might influence. Hope to see you soon. Peace.  See all the videos here.

Thursday, June 30
Mark Palermo

The following link will take you to a wonderful tribute and memorial piece written by Barry Smith of Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church in Chicago.bit.ly/29b23NA

Wednesday, June 29 
Janie Spahr & Jim & Jackie Spahr

Tuesday, June 28 
Erin Swenson, Atlanta, Georgia

Monday, June 27
Carol Seaton, Atlanta, Georgia on
The Shower of Stoles

Friday, June 24
Chris Glaser, Atlanta, Georgia
Thursday, June 23
Lisa Larges, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Tuesday, June 21
Carol Seaton, Helene Loper &
Ted Coppock, West Des Moines, Iowa

 Monday, June 20
Kathy Dean & Susan De George, Dobbs Ferry, New York

Saturday, June 18
Diana Vezmar Bailey, Albany Oregon
Elyse Kitrakis, Southfied, Michigan
Diane Engster, Alexandria, Virginia

Friday, June 17
Lisa Bove, Los Angeles Area, California

Thursday, June 16
Tricia Dykers Koenig, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Laurene Lafontaine, Pine Island, Minnesota

Wednesday, June 15
Katie Morrison, Albany, California and
Jim Rigby, Austin, Texas

Tuesday, June 14
Bob Patenaude, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California
Shower of Stoles – A Reflection by Carol Seaton
Carol Seaton, Atlanta, Georgia

Monday, June 13
Erin Swenson, Atlanta, Georgia;
Gail Russell & Gerri Mead, Chicago, Illinois; and
Gerogeann Wilcoxson, Charlottesville, Virginia

Saturday, June 11
Susan R. Andrews, St. Louis, Missouri & Peggy Howland, Orlando, Florida

Peggy was interviewed at her home in Orlando, Florida in April 2015

Friday, June 10
Marvin Ellison, Portland, Maine and Dan Smith, West Hollywood, California

 Thursday, June 9
Laurie McNeill, Mardee Rightmyer and Mary Speers

Wednesday, June 8
Marie Gibson and Ralph Carter, Rochester, NY

Tuesday, June 7
Sonnie Swenston-Forbes, Claremont, CA
Molly McGinnis, Atlanta, GA
Ryan Larkin, Palo Alto, CA

Monday, June 6
Helene Loper, Tuscaloosa, Alabama;
Jane Adams Spahr, San Francisco, California and
Jean Richardson, Bangor, Pennsylvania

 Saturday, June 4
Alice Anderson, Charlottesville, Virginia;
Babs Miller, Austin, Texas; and Barry Smith, Chicago, Illinois

Friday, June 3
Lisa Larges, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thursday, June 2
Betsy Winters, Dallas, TX; Bob Brashear, NY, NY;
and Susan Quinn Bryan, Houston, TX

Wednesday, June 1
Chris Glaser from Atlanta, GA and Cleve Evans from Omaha, NE
And please be sure to visit Chris’s Blog at chrisglaser.blogpot.com