Historic Supreme Court Rulings


Today’s historic decision by the Supreme Court to do the right thing in striking down DOMA and reauthorize same gender marriage in the State of California did not happen overnight, neither will the changes that need to occur in the wake of these rulings. And there is more to do.

TAMFS joins the many of us who applaud these decisions with gratitude and the commitment to the time when all will be able to freely marry from coast to coast. A time when all marriages are honored and treated with respect wherever they may be.

Every prayer, difficult and affirmative conversation with family and friends, sacrifice, march, protest, parade, supportive words and actions of allies and advocates – all these and more have driven the conditions that produced today’s outcomes. This is the work of the many. Thanks to all for what you have done and will continue to do.

We are sure that the continued progressive direction of the PC(USA) supported by all our efforts will be part of the time when equal – in our churches and country – means equal.

That All May Freely Serve lifts up all the saints in this movement who have gone before and all us now charged to continue forward in this irreversible direction of equality for all, ordained long ago.

Rev. Ray Bagnuolo

That All May Freely Serve

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