Let this be the day

Today’s decisions by the plenary of the 221st General Assembly of the PC(USA) will change the church and much more.

If the 221st GA chooses to give pastors authority for marriage equality – overnight, the beginning of a reversal of teachings and practices that have harmed our LGBTQ/Q community for decades will start.

Our church family will become united in a way for which we have prayed and longed.

And, the prophetic witness that will rush forth from this assembly will breathe life into our LGBTQ/Q sisters and brothers who live and love in faith and other communities around the world.

Yes; the prophetic witness is like that – and it is one of the reasons so many who oppose us try to prevent it from being unleashed.

Let this be the day…that God has made and been waiting for us to embrace for as long as memory records.