Session of First United Presbyterian Church, Troy, NY offers New Rationale for 050

This statement is from the text of the Additional Rationale for Overture 050 offered by First United Presbyterian Church, Troy, NY for deliberation by Albany Presbytery on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. 


Albany Presbytery concurs with Overture 050 in its over-arching goal of inviting the denomination to make specific amends to the LGBTQ/Q community for harms the institution has done to that community.

Albany Presbytery acknowledges that language in this overture may be perceived to single out specific groups within the denomination for criticism. However, we believe the entire denomination, across all theological perspectives, should be invited into making amends. We would expect the General Assembly to address these perceptions as they deliberate action upon this overture.

Furthermore, we concur with this overture as a first step in our pledge to work for an even deeper, denomination-wide, opportunity for healing and reconciliation across all theological and political lines, beyond the scope of this overture (up to and including the possibility of requesting a diverse church-wide task force on healing and reconciliation) and invite the General Assembly to join us in that pledge. Albany Presbytery