Apology: Presbytery of The Twin Cities Area of 1997

Apology by the Presbytery of The Twin Cities Area of 1997

On 1997-JUN-10, the following Statement of Apology was issued by the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area of the Presbyterian Church (USA). It was in response to the church’s passage of Amendment B.

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bullet WHEREAS the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area (PTCA) is a judicatory of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (PCUSA) and therefore shares responsibility in the decisions and policies of the denomination, and
bullet WHEREAS the PCUSA has through its due process in the presbyteries approved the so called “Amendment B” to become part of the Book of Order in the Constitution of the PCUSA, and
bullet WHEREAS the PTCA determined at its January 11, 1997, meeting that Amendment B is radically contrary to the gracious purpose of Jesus Christ for his church, and
bullet WHEREAS, in effect, the adoption of Amendment B by the PCUSA has reinforced institutional prejudice and shaming of, while relegating to a second class status, faithful Christian members of the PCUSA, and also in effect has gravely offended the consciences of Presbyterians who are appalled by any church action that stigmatizes and excludes any other Presbyterian on the basis of personal differences;
bullet THEREFORE, the PTCA this 10th day of June, 1997, acknowledges its corporate participation in a denominational policy offensive to the gospel of Jesus Christ, namely the adoption of Amendment B, and offers this Statement of Apology to all persons whose Christian faith and relationship with the church, as well as their personal God-given dignity, have been assaulted or in any other way diminished by the inclusion of Amendment B in the Constitution of the PCUSA. To those our Christian sisters and brothers so terribly betrayed by their church we say, “We are truly sorry”. Furthermore, with this Statement of Apology the PTCA solemnly pledges to be faithful to Jesus Christ in exhausting all means possible for assuring the just and loving full inclusion of all persons called by God through Jesus Christ to serve and minister in any capacity in the PCUSA.