Interviews of our Rock Stars and Prophets!

Interviews of our Rock Stars and Prophets! 
Just added! Interviews with Helene Loper, Erin Swenson, Marvin Ellison, Dan Smith and Lisa Larges. Listen to these amazing leaders and many others on our Interview Series page.







We’re adding more folks every week. Click on the Interview Series tab to listen! Or click here. Our series now includes:

Alice Anderson Susan Andrews Bob Brashear
Ted Coppock Kathy Dean &
Susan De George
Marvin Ellison &
Dan Smith
Tricia Dykers Koenig Lisa Larges Ryan Larkin &
Molly McGinnis
Helene Loper Laurie McNeill Molly McGinnis &
Ryan Larkin
Mark Alan Palermo Jim Rigby Dan Smith &
Marvin Ellison
Janie Spahr &
Jim & Jackie Spahr
Sharon Stuart/
Tom Heitz
Erin Swenson
 Georgeann Wilcoxson