PCUSA Speaks out on Orlando Tragedy

This in response to the strong statement of the PC(USA) published on Tuesday, June 14th
(Please respond on the PCUSA website using the link above.)
As we enter a time together at the 222nd General Assembly in Portland, this statement, the ones that follow and the work of the General Assembly can be an important part of a rising voice to diminish this violence in powerful ways. The most powerful of voices we have to share is the Love of God for all and our steadfast commitment to making sure everyone hears that clearly. We are praying for an Assembly that is led to understand the immense consequences of the decisions we make in these moments following the tragedy. The course of what will follow solidly rests with this church and its cohesive and vigorous leadership message. May it be so…
Friends, as you consider the critical timing of the PC(USA) acknowledging the institutional harms it has done to the LGBTQ/Q community and an apology for the same, you might be interested in a series of short videos on Overture 11-05 that I prepared a few weeks ago.