As if no one is reading…


Keeping TAMFS alive has always been about making sure its voice was always there and real. A funny thing about the voices in our world, they often don’t sound real. I think that’s mostly because we work hard to keep our audience in mind, so we craft things in ways that often make limited sense.

For examples:

  • If you are Donald J. Trump, your craft things to piss people off, that is the people who your base have come to believe they are at odds with.
  • If you are a mainline denomination, like the one I left as a gay man or even the one which ordained me, you craft things nationally to keep “the middle” in mind. That way, you don’t piss anyone off enough that they might want to leave.
  • (Sorry if this is sounding a little pissy.)

And the voice in many of these types of scenarios has no relevant meaning and whatever compassion might trickle in – is more of a literary device than an example of fortitude.

All that to say, my idea here is to write and vblog as though no one is reading. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this will be totally unfiltered going into 2020 (I mean, I think my mom might read this once on a while). Nor do I want to make this another tribal gathering place for partisan barbs that challenge the specific art form “45” has made so effective. I just want to share my voice without too much thought and hopefully hear yours. And since no one is reading… it may just be me for a while, listening to myself. That’s fine.

So I will end and start from here. I truly believe that faith communities have a God-given critical place in the unfolding of it all, in this eschatological continuum we share. That conviction revolves around the center of my heart and will be at the core of all I say, without being concerned about the audience that is not listening.

Should be real.

Ray Bagnuolo 12.28.19

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