Back to writing as though no one is reading…not that I stopped, just reminding myself that this is not about audiences. I love you all, but it’s not about trying to get you to love me or agree with me. Would be nice, but that can’t be the reason for writing. More because I love you… 🙂

I keep hearing the voice on Easter Sunday morning when John tells us that Jesus turned to the one who had mistaken him for the gardener and says, “Mary.” That moment still blows me away. It’s as if time and the universe+ all stops and a name is called from the depths of all matter, space and time and whatever surrounds it: “Mary.”

I try to hear that each day with my own name, and then the next thing that comes to mind is, “What now! Yikes!” Truth for me is…just bask in that for a moment. Be loved in that for a moment and then add another moment and another. I don’t want to “make” anything of it. Just to know it. And then if I practice that, if I stumble to learn that every time I say someone’s name, I try to say it imagining Jesus were saying it. What would that mean for me?

I’ll tell you, there are some names I can’t yet imagine Jesus saying like that, but that’s why Jesus is Jesus. But if I did that when I could, It probably would mean that I would take an extra moment, even in a global time of pause, an extra moment to see the other as Jesus saw Mary. Or, at least try.

At least try…that would be enough for today in getting started in the right direction.

For me.

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