TAMFS Assist: Seeking resources for Friends who are Bisexual and Transgender

2013 – Celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of That All May Freely Serve

 Hi Everyone –

I hope this note finds you well, and thanks for a minute of your time today. I was wondering if I could ask for your help. We have had requests for referrals from folks who are Bisexual and Transgender, seeking churches that have specific worship, outreach, and ministries for these members of our community. In helping to build TAMFS’ chaplaincy network and pastoral care outreach, here’s what I ask you to do:
  1. Send worship community names, links, references – anything that will make it possible for us to contact folks and build a relationship of helpfulness. Any information you have time to share about your referrals would be very helpful.
  2. If you are willing to be a contact to speak with folks who call, please let me know. Any contact information you provide will be held in confidence and not referred without first checking with you.
  3. Other suggestions about how we might better serve our sisters and brothers who are Bisexual and Transgender.

Lastly, we will share all the resources we develop – making them available to all our progressive partners in the church and any who would find it useful. However, your personal information will never be forwarded or posted without your written permission. Never.

Many thanks for your help, as we continue to pass on the experience, strength, and hope we share – with those who are just beginning on this journey.
As always, feel free to call and we invite you to pass on our 1-877-TAMFS-64 referral hotline.
Ray      Email: ray@nulltamfs.org
Rev. Ray Bagnuolo, National Chaplain
That All May Freely Serve, A Ministry of Downtown United Presbyterian Church
121 N. Fitzhugh Street, Rochester, NY 14614-1214
Gay Member of the LGBTQ Community
(914) 217 4173 (cell/sms)
1-877-TAMFS-64 (1-877-826-3764) Help and Referral Line; Fax Line