Downtown United Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY Seeks Pastor

CIF for Downtown Presbyterian Church Rochester, NY

In my early thirties (back in the mid-80’s!) and “finally coming out” as a gay man, I realized that I didn’t need to be in an abusive relationship with a church in order to have a relationship with God. It was a time of enormous and sometimes painfully slow shifts in my life that made it necessary for me to leave the church of my upbringing. What I could not have known then was that there were in the Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations way ahead of my own revelations, laying a path forward for welcoming in the truest sense of the Gospel and its teachings. What I came to learn was that there were places where I could not only come out as a gay man, but as a Christian who was gay. That was truly a revelation!

Downtown Presbyterian Church in Rochester, New York has long embraced the commitment to the gospel and its embodiment of radical hospitality and God’s gracious and abundant love for all. This week, The Downtown Church began its search for an installed pastor. A link to the Church Information Form is at the beginning of these comments. Please pass this along to anyone you think might be seeking such a call, but more, please take a few minutes to learn about this congregation. CIFs provide a unique insight into how a congregation sees itself in the world, and this document is an invitation to serve as well as a statement of faith for which many of us are most grateful.