In the midst…

March 18, 2014; Pasadena, CA

Greetings from Fuller Theological Seminary. That All May Freely Serve has been attending the Moderator’s third and final colloquium of his term, “The Church: Communities of Worship and Witness.” This morning, Tuesday, is the second of three days of presentations, panel feedback, and open questions and answers. You can find out more about the largest Presbyterian Seminary in the country here; an increasingly diverse conservative evangelical center. I know, there’s a lot there to wrap our minds around, but it is true – if in its earliest of stages – this place is changing, too.

Fuller Theological Seminary has been a welcoming and respectful host, and I have had many  opportunities for open conversations about our lives as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning folks in the church. While there have been some well-nuanced, but nonetheless difficult statements and teachings in the midst of some presentations – such as an oblique reference by one presenter to “subversive agents of the Kin[g]dom” – still, this is an important place to be and to make sure that our voices and presence is heard and seen. Whenever that happens – so too do those conversations that change us all.  It is perhaps the most important reason we attend these gatherings. At a time when it is literally impossible not to love, know, care for, teach, serve, or pastor folks who identify as LGBTQ/Q – even our most fervent opponents are finding themselves in a struggle. Our work of evangelizing the Good News of God’s welcoming for all – is being heard and embraced in ways that are faithful and a blessing to many who are listening. Listening because of knowing and loving who it is God make has us to be.

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More to come… keep us in your prayers, as we do you in ours.



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