April 5, 2014

Hello Friends,

This morning I write to you from Grand Junction, Colorado. I am on my way to Colorado Springs, where I will worship tomorrow with Tom Trinidad, Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church and Vice Moderator of the PC(USA). I am looking forward to being with Tom and the congregation at Faith PC, before heading north and east with visits planned in Rochester, Minnesota; Cleveland, OH; Detroit, Michigan; and finally home to Rochester, NY – after seven weeks and more than a 9,000 mile road trip. I have been blessed on this journey at least as many times as miles I’ve traveled, and likely more!

If you have some time, I invite you to visit That All May Freely Serve’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tamfs. There are pictures and comments that have been collected along the way. This and more, as we continue our evangelism,  inviting all to participate in a network of prayer, presence and advocacy – as a national mission of Downtown United Presbyterian Church in Rochester, NY and a specialized ministry of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.

I also invite you to visit www.kitchentablenews.com, which is part of our tamfs.org website. This is a place where I get to play with Front Page, probably one of the oldest web design software programs (and only one I really know). This section of our web will be growing as we include several projects and information resources that are underway. In the meantime, you may find some things there that interest you, from my schedule to our budget.

It is wonderful to keep in touch with everyone as I travel, and I appreciate your emails and comments, phone calls and texts. It would be too distant out here, if it weren’t for your encouragement and editing of my frequent spelling and grammatical errors and video flubs! 🙂

God bless all, and thanks for keeping us and this work we share in your prayers,