There’s always trouble…

He knew, I think, that there was trouble ahead. He had to. He set his face, “steeled it” as one of the translations says, and headed into Jerusalem – whatever else he knew, he knew what he was called to do – and he did it. 

It’s easy to look for easier softer ways of getting somewhere. Safer ways. More comfortable, less disruptive, predictable even popular ways. 

Approval, acclaim applause. Did only he understand the cost of what he was trying to do? It turned out the accolades meant nothing, at least to him. If they did –  he would have chosen a different way — or no way, just stayed home quiet, even if the stones cried out. 

I write like no one is listening and I hope they aren’t sometimes. I really don’t want to piss anyone off; I don’t want to create controversy or be confrontational. I don’t want to judge other’s motives or actions — as much as I sometimes do want to say, “What the…”

I still think that tables need to be overturned, not literally (?) but in a way that makes it clear that what is being served up is not acceptable. 

This is the way I am, and at this moment I am the sum of everything that has gone before efore in my life, hopefully moving in the spirit with enough awareness to tone down the frustration — but not to zero. 

There is no zero. There’s always trouble. Always frustration. It’s why we are here, I think.

“Things are different. The world is more complex. This is not First CenturyPalestine,” they say

Still, we read the ancient texts, say the prayers, repeat the traditions, embrace the sacraments (from 2 to 7, depending) — and we keep it far enough in the past for our institutions not to miss opportunities for setting the tables nicely, if exclusively.

That’s why we are here. You, me, us. The non-institutional components that see some of the tables differently.

Good we’re here. Happy New Year.

Thanks for not listening, or at least not getting too ticked off at me.

But, if you must…may it be so.

Ray Bagnuolo, 01.01.20